The Pathway


Pathway for Transforming Regional Health

The Pathway for Transforming Regional Health is a reference for leaders embarking on the difficult task of reimagining and redesigning the many interdependent sectors that contribute to healthy people and thriving communities. It helps changemakers understand what is involved in the long journey of system transformation and increasing health system effectiveness, as defined by better health, lower healthcare costs, higher quality of care, and greater equity and productivity. The Pathway helps leaders assess where they are along their journey, identify common pitfalls, and consider what aspects of stewardship, strategy, and financing might build momentum.

Leaders start along the Pathway when they step outside of their own organizational boundaries to work together toward a larger, system-wide goal. Traveling through these phases is not always linear. Transformation efforts may cycle between phases, move back into prior phases as they face challenges, or make exponential progress. A dynamic breakthrough is crucial to advance from the Improving stage to Transforming stage.

Phase 1: Campaign

Multiple organizations find common ground around a narrowly-focused campaign and create a short-term alliance to achieve a tangible health-related goal.

Phase 2: Engage

Building on existing relationships, stakeholders appeal to diverse allies, identify connections, and engage in an ongoing forum to address broader dimensions of health and/or health care.

Phase 3: Align

A formal network of stakeholders aligns around clear common objectives, and commits resources to coordinated efforts to achieve them.

Phase 4: Redesign

Stakeholders introduce profound innovation – altering current business models, redesigning core practices and policies, reallocating resources, and forming new partnerships – to transform the system that shapes health

Phase 5: Integrate

Stakeholders institutionalize successful innovations into an integrated health ecosystem that is designed, led, and financed to foster healthy people and thriving communities.

The Pathway is the basis for material presented in another of our tools, the Stewardship Guide. Formally titled, “Stewarding Regional Health Transformation: A Guide for Changemakers,” the Stewardship Guide focuses on conditions that can contribute to momentum as well as the forces that can disrupt progress along the Pathway.