Tax Credits for Funding Population Health


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Ella D. Auchincloss

Project Director

Stacy Becker

Vice President, Programs

Nina Burke

Senior Program Associate

Maggie Cooke

Strategic Partnerships Associate

Amanda McIntosh

Senior Communications Associate

Katherine Wright

Senior Program Associate 

What We're Reading

ReThinkers’ Blog

Could Tax Credits Be a Source of Sustainable Financing for Population Health?

We clear up some misconceptions about tax credits and go over the basics of how they might be used to fund population health efforts. It’s time to cut through the myths and see where the real opportunities lie.


Exploring the Potential of Tax Credits for Funding Population Health

In this paper, published by the National Academy of Medicine, ReThink Health’s Stacy Becker and our Tax Credit R&D Team explore the potential for stewards to use tax credits as a means to fund efforts to transform the system that produces health and well-being.

ReThinkers’ Blog

Establishing a Charitable State Tax Credit to Finance Regional Wellness Funds

We developed a prototype for how stewards might introduce a tax credit that encourages charitable donations to wellness funds (pools of money for funding efforts to improve health and well-being). We explain the key differences between a tax credit and a tax reduction, and explore why local—as opposed to federal—control is key to directing funding where it is needed most.

ReThinkers’ Blog

Incenting the Private Sector to Invest in Population Health: A Tax Credit for Self-Insured Employers

We developed a prototype for how state policymakers could create a tax credit for self-insured employers, which would engage the private sector in transforming population health.

ReThinkers’ Blog

Getting Smart About Tax Policy: Reflections from the NASEM Conference on Financing Population Health

Some key takeaways from our tax policy research team’s presentation, titled Exploring Tax Policy to Advance Population Health, Health Equity, and Economic Prosperity, to the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s (NASEM) Population Health Roundtable.