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The Rippel Foundation Strategy & Management Team

Laura Landy, MBA – President & CEO

“Many of us at Rippel have always sensed there must be a better way. Together, we can find that way, and overcome the barriers to actually reach a healthier future for all.”—Laura Landy, President and CEO

Joined Rippel: 2007

Current Roles: As Rippel’s president and CEO, Laura steers the organization’s vision and strategic direction. She gathers the right people and leads them in creating and guiding groundbreaking initiatives like ReThink Health and FORESIGHT. Laura has continually expanded Rippel’s vision and mission step-by-step, inspired by J.S. Rippel’s own writings from over 60 years ago. With her leadership, the foundation has shifted from being a small grantmaker bringing about micro-level impacts to pioneering the transformation of health and well-being across the nation.

Career: A Rippel board trustee since 1998, Laura began her career as a grantmaker for federal poverty and unemployment funds, and subsequently worked with the Ford Foundation, Pfizer, Bell Labs, and New Jersey’s public health system—notably designing an integrated medical system for the city of Newark. She also built strategic plans for organizations like Delphi University and the YMCA as president of her own consulting firm, Applied Concepts. She created the Institute for Nonprofit Entrepreneurship at NYU’s Stern School of Business (the only such program at any business school), where she also taught and served as associate director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. She has also been a member of the adjunct faculty of Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon, the New School, and Fairleigh Dickinson. Laura serves as a trustee of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System, a fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine, and a board member of Grantmakers in Health.

More About Laura: Laura is passionate about the impact of trends on work and life; she’s perpetually curious about how the world is changing, and how we can prepare for it.

Education: New York University (MBA), Washington University in St. Louis (BA), University of California Berkeley (Certificate in Urban Education)

Stacy Becker, MS, MPP – Vice President, Programs

“The dream of people and communities who are healthy and well is universal. Rippel is dedicated to helping leaders discover how that dream can move from imagination to reality.”—Stacy Becker, Vice President of Programs

Joined Rippel: 2015

Current Roles: Stacy oversees Rippel’s initiatives and projects, including ReThink Health and FORESIGHT.

Career: In her current role and previously as Rippel’s director of sustainable financing, Stacy has been a guiding force as Rippel has risen to meet the challenges at the frontiers of health system change. She previously served as budget director for the City and County of San Francisco and the City of Saint Paul, as well as the public works director for Saint Paul. For 18 years she ran a policy consulting business, providing expertise in a variety of areas important to communities, including housing, education, community development, nonprofit management, citizen engagement, and financing.

More about Stacy: Stacy has earned a black belt in tae kwon do and taught children the practice for several years. She also plays the harp (she has three of them of various sizes).

Education: Harvard University (MPP), London School of Economics (MS)

Kim Farris-Berg, MPP – Director, Communications

“Communications makes a movement loud, by putting everyone who is a part of it in the position to confidently use their voice to spread change. At Rippel, we are increasing our capacity to make bold, new, and often very complex thinking and action accessible for pioneering leaders working to transform health and well-being”—Kim Farris-Berg, Director of Communications

Joined Rippel: 2015

Current Roles: Kim directs Rippel’s Communications Team, leading the design and execution of strategic communications for Rippel and its initiatives. She and her team are advancing Rippel’s capacities in storytelling, visual design for understanding, traditional and new media, and the principles of movement-building and strategic leadership.

Career: Kim was a senior project director of Rippel’s sustainable financing team and was a contributing author and creative developer of Beyond the Grant: A Sustainable Financing Workbook. Before joining Rippel she spent 18 years as a strategy consultant with an array of clients, including the Center for Policy Studies and The McKnight Foundation. Kim is lead author of Trusting Teachers with School Success and co-creator of the Teacher-Powered School Initiative, which formed the foundation for a growing movement of teachers who design and run their public schools. A frequent keynote speaker and writer, Kim’s work has been published and acknowledged in many outlets including PBS NewsHour, US News, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Stanford Social Innovation Review, American Educator, Kappan Magazine, Huffington Post, and more.

More about Kim: A firm believer that not all wanderers are lost, Kim’s greatest love is camping with her family—and enjoying the quite solitude of the sunrise while they sleep in. She is game for anything involving creative design, from furniture to costumes!

Education: University of Minnesota (MPP), University of San Diego (BA)

Bobby Milstein, PhD, MPH – Director, System Strategy 

“ReThinking is the most practical thing any of us can do to change the future. It helps us see where we fit in a common system and shifts our own roles as change agents within a dynamic and democratic world.”—Bobby Milstein, Director of System Strategy

Joined Rippel: 2011

Current Roles: Bobby directs Rippel’s work on System Strategy, is a member of Rippel’s Strategy and Management Team, and is a Visiting Scientist at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Bobby is a principal contributor to the ReThink Health initiative’s projects for Regional Portfolio Design and Field Building. He also leads a suite of nationwide influence activities and coordinates ongoing development of the ReThink Health Dynamics Model, the Well-Being Portfolio Design Calculator, and other simulation tools that let leaders play out the consequences of their scenarios for change. In 2018, Bobby and four co-authors wrote the official brief that defines “health and well-being” as the central focus for the Healthy People 2030 Framework for the United States.

Career: Before joining Rippel, Bobby spent 20 years planning and evaluating system-oriented initiatives at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), where he was the principal architect of CDC’s framework for program evaluation. He received CDC’s Honor Award for Excellence in Innovation, the Applications Award from the System Dynamics Society, and Article of the Year awards for papers published in Health Affairs and Health Promotion Practice.

More about Bobby: Bobby once was a documentary filmmaker whose work was used by PBS to spotlight challenges of racism on college campuses. He also contributed storylines for The West Wing on how to get beyond zero-sum thinking when setting health priorities.

Education: Union Institute and University (PhD), Emory University (MPH), University of Michigan (BA) 

Audrey Wells, CPA – Director, Finance & Administration

“I’m proud to support the entire Rippel team and its projects by making budgeting and other administrative processes smooth, freeing everyone up to focus on making an impact on health and well-being.”—Audrey Wells, Director of Finance and Administration

Joined Rippel: 2015

Current Roles: Audrey leads Rippel’s financial and investment activities, including budgeting, financial planning and analysis, compliance, grants, contracts, and accounting. She also oversees Rippel’s human resources function as well as its information technology and facilities operations.

Career: Recently at Rippel, Audrey created a simple framework for budget proposals and monitoring project costs, which upgraded their consistency and completeness and allowed project staff to maintain a hands-on understanding of—and accountability for—project spending. Before joining Rippel, Audrey was CFO at Cornerstone Family Programs, a New Jersey-based nonprofit, where she played a significant role in the acquisition of another agency, procurement of grants and new contracts, and procedure streamlining. Audrey’s 30 years of experience also includes positions in accounting, finance, and audit with Customized Distribution Services, Lever Brothers Company, and Ernst & Young.

More about Audrey: In her spare time, Audrey is a dedicated singer. She has performed for 15 years in a mixed a cappella quartet, singing everything from barbershop, to doo-wop, to modern popular music. She’s also in a local community chorus (and serves as its treasurer).

Education: Binghamton University (BS)

ReThink Health Program Team


Lindsey Alexander, MPP – Project Director

“Our health system is messy and complex, but I embrace that part of it because I get the opportunity to bring order to pockets of chaos in valuable ways. In the messiness there is a sense of possibility that I find very appealing.”—Lindsey Alexander, Project Director

Joined Rippel: 2015

Current Roles: Lindsey is project director of Rippel’s FORESIGHT initiative, overseeing all aspects of its development and implementation. She contributes intervention portfolio expertise to the ReThink Health initiative’s Regional Portfolio Design project.

Career: Lindsey guided the ReThink Health initiative’s place-based partnership with Michigan’s THRIVE Health Initiative and served as financing content lead for Rippel’s ReThink Health Ventures project. She also co-authored and managed the development of Beyond the Grant: A Sustainable Financing Workbook. Previously, Lindsey led her own consulting practice for 10 years that focused on designing and implementing catalytic local processes. She was also an analyst with the City of Minneapolis finance department.

More about Lindsey: Lindsey loves to spend time with her husband and three kids and is learning to “enjoy” camping in Minnesota, where the (unofficial) state bird is the mosquito.

Education: University of Minnesota (MPP), Iowa State University (BA)

Ella Davila Auchincloss, MTS – Project Director

“At Rippel, we pursue an inspiring, yet daunting transformative agenda for equitable health and well-being; it’s about a lot more than health care. We’re willing to strategically tackle the big issues, but with a sober sense of what is doable.”—Ella D. Auchincloss, Project Director

Joined Rippel: 2011

Current Roles: Ella is project director of the ReThink Health initiative’s team that advises the Center for Medicare and Medicaid’s Quality Improvement Organization Leadership, Organizing in Action program. She is also a key contributor to the ReThink Health initiative’s Transition Planning project.

Career: Ella has spearheaded many resident engagement efforts for Rippel’s ReThink Health initiative, coaching a wide variety of partner organizations and teams in change leadership. She also directed a research project exploring tax credits’ potential as a source of sustainable financing for population health. Before joining Rippel, she founded The Leadership Development Initiative, a faith-based teaching and coaching program for resident outreach. She is also a fellow of the Leading Change Network at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. Prior to her work in resident engagement, Ella worked in the financial services sector.

More about Ella: In 2015, Ella was awarded the Barbara C. Harris Award for Social Justice by the Episcopal City Mission in Boston, Massachusetts for her founding of The Leadership Development Initiative. Ella is a recovering Wall Street professional, and is most at home in drafty church basements and other community settings, leading story slams and singing freedom songs. She is at her best when she is near the ocean in the company of her beloved dog.

Education: Harvard Divinity School (MTS), Babson College (BS)

Molly Belsky, Program Coordinator for FORESIGHT

“I love that Rippel emphasizes the great importance of community building and interconnectivity to overall health and well-being.”—Molly Belsky, Program Coordinator for FORESIGHT

Joined Rippel: 2019

Current Roles: Molly coordinates logistics and research for the many branches of the FORESIGHT team, and acts as a catch-all support system for the Implementation Team.

Career: Molly held a number of different roles before coming to Rippel, all with the same through line of fostering communication and empathy between groups of people. She taught middle school history and theatre for two years before working as a canvass director for Planned Parenthood—two jobs that bore a striking resemblance to each other in terms of helping people discover and articulate causes that they believe in. Her love of storytelling and human connection is what drives her in all endeavors.

More about Molly: As a formerly hour-plus commuter—as well as being generally uncomfortable with silence while she does things like cleaning the bathroom or cooking dinner—Molly regularly listens to many podcasts, on topics as broad as women in business and politics, and as narrow as Harry Potter being read as a sacred text.

Education: Trinity College (BA)

Nina Burke, MPH – Senior Program Associate

“I love that Rippel is a place where challenging the status quo is the status quo.”—Nina Burke, Senior Program Associate

Joined Rippel: 2016

Current Roles: Nina contributes design, content, project management, evaluation, and more to the ReThink Health initiative’s Regional Portfolio Design and Field Building projects, as well as the team that advises the Center for Medicare and Medicaid’s Quality Improvement Organization Leadership, Organizing in Action Program. She also plays a key role in developing and implementing Rippel’s internal organizational learning and evaluation function.

Career: Nina has coordinated, developed content for, and evaluated multiple projects for Rippel’s ReThink Health initiative, including advising the California Accountable Communities for Health Initiative (CACHI) on distributed leadership and leadership transitions, Rippel’s ReThink Health Ventures project, and R&D. As part of a research project exploring tax credits’ potential as a source of sustainable financing for population health, she co-authored a paper for the National Academy of Medicine (2018). She previously was project manager of a homeless prevention and re-housing project for a Boston-area nonprofit.

More about Nina: Outside of her formal roles, Nina tries to keep up with the literature on alternative, just, and inclusive economies. In 2018, Nina volunteered on two successful cause campaigns to help lift Massachusetts individuals and families out of poverty. A proud generalist, Nina’s interests include yoga, rock climbing, traveling, and political organizing. Talk to her about anything from her love of public libraries and public transportation to why it’s taking her so long to learn French.

Education: Boston University (BS, MPH)

Maggie Cooke, MPH – Strategic Partnerships Associate

“Momentum is building in the movement toward a more equitable and sustainable future for health and well-being, which creates so many opportunities for collaboration and distributed leadership in all sectors—and at Rippel I get to bring that inspiration to action.”—Maggie Cooke, Strategic Partnerships Associate

Joined Rippel: 2016

Current Roles: Maggie Cooke provides Rippel with project management, grants administration, proposal development, and high-level support around the development and cultivation of new partners and emerging projects. Working side by side with Rippel President and CEO Laura Landy, Maggie has helped lead the significant fundraising and strategic partnerships efforts of FORESIGHT.

Career: As part of a research project exploring tax credits’ potential as a source of sustainable financing for population health, Maggie co-authored a paper for the National Academy of Medicine (2018). This work also earned her an award of distinction for her practicum project at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice. Before joining Rippel, Maggie worked at Johnson & Johnson for 10 years, most recently as the senior executive assistant to the chief strategy and business transformation officer, and was a service coordinator at the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation before that, where she assisted residents by connecting them to critical resources in order to empower them in maintaining independent housing.

More about Maggie: Maggie enjoys living on the Delaware River with her family and is an active member of her community, participating in the Hunterdon County Anti-Racism Coalition, and serving on both the Frenchtown School Advisory Council and the Frenchtown Planning Board.

Education: Dartmouth College (MPH), University of Alaska Fairbanks (BA)

Anna Marie Creegan, MA – Project Director

“My experience working in a part of Brooklyn where the life expectancy is 11 years shorter than in the neighboring Financial District—and infant mortality rates almost double NYC’s rate as a whole—made me want to change the system at the regional level to help improve these disparities.”—Anna Marie Creegan, Project Director

Joined Rippel: 2014

Current Roles: Anna is project director of the ReThink Health initiative’s Regional Portfolio Design project.

Career: Anna led design and implementation for Rippel’s enterprise-wide evaluation framework, and has contributed to many R&D and place-based projects for the ReThink Health initiative. She also led the development of an assessment tool to measure regional progress along ReThink Health’s Pathway for Transforming Regional Health. Anna has over ten years of experience working with local and international health efforts across the US and Latin America, including as program manager for Community Planning and Health at nonprofit Community Solutions, where she led a health impact assessment and developed plans for revitalization, sustainability, and care coordination.

More about Anna: Anna loves traveling and the outdoors—especially hiking and skiing in her native Colorado Rocky Mountains—and seeing her young children growing to love it as well.

Education: University of Denver (MA), Fordham University (BA)

Jane Erickson, MPA, MAIR – Project Director

“It’s an exciting time to be part of the movement to transform health and well-being—new approaches to multisector collaboration are emerging, people are sharing ideas, and many are beginning to unify around a shared purpose for their regions.”—Jane Erickson, Project Director

Joined Rippel: 2013

Current Roles: Jane is project director of the ReThink Health initiative’s Field Building team. She also leads Rippel’s Organizational Learning and Evaluation team.

Career: Jane has worked with national philanthropies to advance social change for over a decade. Jane oversaw strategy and implementation of Rippel’s ReThink Health Ventures project (2016-2018), a large-scale project that advanced multisector approaches for health transformation. She also led numerous nation-wide research efforts to transform health, including the ReThink Health Pulse Check and research published in health affairs. Before that, Jane led Rippel’s communications and special projects with the executive team. Prior to joining Rippel, she established and ran the grants department at the Clinton Health Access Initiative. Jane has also conducted research and led efforts to build civic engagement across communities in the US and internationally, including as a Fulbright Scholar in Indonesia and with the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement. She is currently a member of the Board of Trustees at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, her undergraduate alma mater.

More about Jane: Jane played varsity lacrosse in college, which brought her out east from her home state of Colorado. One of her favorite guilty pleasures is watching science fiction television shows, especially Battlestar Galactica.

Education: Syracuse University (MPA, MAIR), Hobart and William Smith Colleges (BA)

Katy Evans Pritchard, MA – Project Manager

“FORESIGHT has the potential to change how philanthropy does business to bring about a new future for health.”—Katy Evans Pritchard, Project Manager

Joined Rippel: 2015

Current Roles: Katy is project manager of Rippel’s FORESIGHT initiative. In this role, she keeps things running on time and on budget by developing and overseeing workplans, managing the project budget, coordinating across the team and partners, and managing key meetings and events.

Career: Previously, Katy was senior program associate for Rippel’s ReThink Health Ventures project. She helped lead a collaborative and transparent process to articulate what was learned from the project and its significance for regional leaders and catalyzing organizations across the country. The products produced include toolkits to help leaders strengthen their resident engagement, public narrative, and value propositions—all critical for successful regional transformation efforts. Katy came to Rippel from the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University, where she ran communications and programming for a large-scale project on institutional corruption.

More about Katy: Katy’s doctoral dissertation looks at the writings of a group of American women who lived, worked, and wrote from the Western Front during the First World War such as Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant, who reported on changing professional opportunities for women for The New Republic, before being severely injured on a tour of a French battlefield.

Education: Boston University (doctoral candidate), Kings College London (MA), Boston College (BA)

Bethlihem Gebremedhin, Administrative Associate

“The Rippel Foundation’s commitment to health equity and health innovation is amazing to be a part of—it influences the work I do in both my personal and professional life.”—Bethlihem Gebremedhin, Administrative Associate

Joined Rippel: 2019

Current Roles: Bethlihem provides high level support to two Rippel directors as well as managing the Cambridge office. She also helps to support the Regional Portfolio Development team and the Communications Team.
Career: Bethlihem previously worked as an administrative/project specialist for the Department of Population Medicine at Harvard Medical School. She supported over five faculty members within the Therapeutics Research and Infectious Disease Epidemiology (TIDE) group, and provided administrative support for multiple project submissions. As an undergraduate, she majored in public health with a minor in afro-american studies. She is currently pursuing her masters in public health with a concentration in health services management and policy.

More about Bethlihem: Bethlihem loves to read, and a few of her favorite authors include Toni Morrison, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and Bell Hooks. She is extremely passionate about holistic health, traveling, and learning about different cultures. Her dream vacation destination is Bali, Indonesia.

Education: University of Massachusetts Amherst (BS), Tufts University (MPH candidate)

Bradley Girard — Senior Creative

“The good work Rippel does to improve health and well-being drives me to make our messages visually effective and cohesive so everyone can easily absorb them.”—Bradley Girard, Senior Creative

Joined Rippel: 2017

Current Roles: Brad leads visual branding as well as visual identity and messaging as part of Rippel’s Communications Team. He designs visuals to make complex concepts easier for all to understand.

Career: Brad has provided Rippel with branding and visual design support for years as principal of his own award-winning boutique agency. In his 28 years as a professional designer, photographer, and marketer, Brad has worked with a variety of large brands—including Kaiser Permanente, Toshiba, Verio Healthcare, and the San Francisco 49ers—and received multiple international awards for design, print, and marketing.

More about Brad: Brad serves on portfolio review boards for AIGA, Cal State Fullerton, and Chapman University, mentoring students as they ready themselves for professional careers. Most weekends, Brad can be found cheering on his daughter’s club court and beach volleyball teams. On his off-time he and his family love to relax on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. 

Jeff Lamoreaux – Senior Writer & Editor

“The US health system isn’t working, and fixing it will require changing people’s mental models of what health and well-being mean—a task uniquely suited to the written word.”—Jeff Lamoreaux, Senior Writer and Editor

Joined Rippel: 2018

Current Roles: Jeff writes and edits Rippel’s communications content, collaborating across the organization to strategically develop narratives for a wide range of media—then concisely demonstrating their value to the intended audiences.

Career: At Rippel, Jeff is especially proud of his writing and editing contributions as part of the team that produced Beyond the Grant: A Sustainable Financing Workbook and his role in the Communications team’s work revamping the websites for Rippel and its initiatives. Before joining Rippel, Jeff spent 10 years writing, producing, and directing a variety of communications content for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), including video, blogs, podcasts (more than a million downloads and 500+ episodes), and social media. Before that, he ran the day-to-day workings of a social psychology research laboratory.

More about Jeff: Jeff is a staunch defender of the Oxford comma, and is still coming to terms with the fact that, every day, fewer people are using the word “fewer” (and just using “less” wrong instead). He devours every story he can, whether it takes the form of classic literature, an action movie, or a conversation with his daughter about her day at preschool.

Education: University of Southern California (MA), Boston University (BS)

Amanda McIntosh, MPH – Senior Communications Associate

“Rippel is solutions-oriented; for instance, instead of lamenting the lack of funds and resources for health and well-being, we find streams that already exist and just need to be unlocked, redirected, and approached creatively—and then we spread the word about them.”—Amanda McIntosh, Senior Communications Associate

Joined Rippel: 2015

Current Roles: Amanda manages Rippel’s editorial and visual production as well as its social media efforts. She also leads Rippel’s work to measure its outreach effectiveness.

Career: Amanda has provided critical research, design, and project management support to national-level Rippel projects, including the Convening of Catalysts leadership group that brings together health system transformation trailblazers. As part of a ReThink Health initiative project exploring tax credits’ potential as a source of sustainable financing for population health, she co-authored a paper for the National Academy of Medicine (2018) and contributed greatly to advancing high-level conversation and interest in the topic via Rippel’s social media channels. Amanda formerly worked to support nationwide programs and outreach campaigns for consumer health advocacy organizations, serving as program associate to Community Catalyst’s Roadmaps to Health project and as statewide coordinator at Health Care For All.

More about Amanda: Amanda grew up on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, not as a summer resident, but as a third-generation “year-rounder.” She had some of the same teachers that had taught her father when he went through the island’s school system, decades before. On a recent visit, she found a rare fossilized Megalodon tooth.

Education: Drexel University (MPH), College of Charleston (BA)

Krishna Patel, MPH – Program Associate

“What’s most invigorating about Rippel is the passion and energy that everyone brings to the work, every day. It means we can do anything we set our minds to.”—Krishna Patel, Program Associate

Joined Rippel: 2016

Current Roles: Krishna provides critical support to Rippel’s FORESIGHT initiative and the ReThink Health initiative’s Regional Portfolio Design project. She assists the FORESIGHT Advisory Committee and leads the process to choose and implement tools to support regional engagement. For the Portfolio Design team, she is a jane-of-all-trades, with contributions ranging from logistical support to project design and management. Living the philosophy of servant leadership, Krishna’s earnest, helpful approach has resulted in growth, positive responses, and better collaboration and outcomes for Rippel’s internal teams and external partners.

Career: Krishna previously supported Rippel’s ReThink Health Ventures project, and worked closely with its coaching staff to coordinate three of the participating sites (Central Oregon; Sonoma, CA; and Bernalillo County, NM). During her time at Northeastern University, she held several professional positions in its library system.

More about Krishna: Krishna found her studies in public health to be an intersection of her interest in science and her passion for social justice and service. She continues to foster that passion by volunteering at a local shelter that serves homeless and low-income women.

Education: Northeastern University (MPH, BS)

Sarah Rial, MA – Program Coordinator

“After many years in international work, I find Rippel brings me to focus on the local issues around health and well-being, for a better future for all humanity—locally and internationally.”—Sarah Rial, Program Coordinator

Joined Rippel: 2017

Current Roles: Sarah provides Rippel’s staff with high-level support, particularly for Catalysts, Learning & Evaluation, Field Building, and Transition Planning.

Career: Sarah was previously program director for the nonprofit My Sister’s Keeper and served as senior executive assistant at Management Sciences for Health. Sarah is founder and president of Global Partnership for Peace in South Sudan, which engages South Sudanese communities across the globe in working collectively for peace and social justice.

More about Sarah: Sarah has received numerous awards for her work as a community organizer, activist, and advocate, including the 2010 Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Human Rights. Her activist colleagues have described her as, “A warrior sister with a quiet wisdom.”

Education: The American University in Cairo (MA); University of Massachusetts (GradCert), University of Juba (BS)

Iueh Castro Soh, Project Manager

“I believe that the health of communities is ultimately shaped by who is and isn’t at ‘the table.’ I’m excited to be part of a team that is boldly imagining a more equitable future while also developing tangible steps to take towards that future.”—Iueh Castro Soh, Project Manager

Joined Rippel: 2019

Current Roles: Iueh leads one of ReThink Health’s partnerships as part of the Hospital System Transition Planning project. He also contributes to ReThink Health’s Field Building project.

Career: Iueh cares about building healthy communities and developing leaders. He was previously a management consultant at Oliver Wyman where he advised C-suite executives in the provider, payer, and life science space. He focused primarily on helping health systems develop and pursue a population health strategy amid shifting competitive and reimbursement pressures. In 2018, he worked in the Boston Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics, a civic innovation team. There, he pioneered Rebuilding Together, an ongoing meeting group and advisory council that aims to develop returning citizen (formerly incarcerated) leaders and reshape their image in Boston. Iueh has also served as a volunteer community organizer on racial and economic justice campaigns in Oakland and Boston. At Rethink Health, he is currently authoring a report investigating the role of community organizing on shaping the role of local healthcare systems.

More about Iueh: Iueh loves to hunt for tasty street foods—especially tacos. You can often find him at a park playing pick-up basketball to decompress and get to know his neighbors.

Education: Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley (BS), Harvard University Kennedy School of Government (MPP)

Pedja Stojicic, MD, MPH – Project Director

“Our work is about how people and communities could reach their full potential for health and well-being. Not some people, but all the people. Not some communities, but all communities. This is what gets me excited about Rippel.”—Pedja Stojicic, Project Director

Joined Rippel: 2015

Current Roles: Pedja is project director for the ReThink Health initiative’s Transition Planning project. He also serves on the ReThink Health initiative’s team that advises the Center for Medicare and Medicaid’s Quality Improvement Organization Leadership, Organizing in Action program.

Career: Pedja previously led the ReThink Health’s initiative’s resident engagement work, including an R&D project that studied and documented how different organizations engage residents and communities to participate in health system transformation. The research work that Pedja co-created with the Resident Engagement Team is published in a second edition of The Practical Playbook: Public Health and Primary Care Together published by the DeBeaumont Foundation, Center for Disease Control, and Duke University. Pedja is an advisory board member of the Leading Change Network, and he taught community organizing at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government with Professor Marshall Ganz, one of the ReThink Health pioneers. In the past, Pedja has served as president and executive director of Youth of JAZAS, a large Serbian NGO fighting HIV/AIDS, and as a World Bank Consultant to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia supporting health care financing reform.

More about Pedja: Pedja describes himself as a radical optimist, which he practices whenever he organizes people to fight for social justice or prepares a cup of Ichibancha Japanese green tea for his partner. He has a passion for Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods and flavors and is a big believer in community, science, and dogs (especially Jack Russell Terriers).

Education: University of Belgrade School of Medicine (MD), Harvard School of Public Health (MPH)

Katherine Wright, MS – Senior Program Associate

“Before joining Rippel, my work was confined to individual nutrition and health interventions with specific populations, funded solely by grants. At Rippel, I get to be part of work that breaks through the silos to help changemakers move down the path towards sustainability—both of their finances and their mission.”—Katherine Wright, Senior Program Associate

Joined Rippel: 2016 Current Roles: Katherine leads the cross-coordination of Rippel’s three ReThink Health initiative project teams focused on jumpstarting transformative change, and provides high-level research and content support to ReThink Health’s Transition Planning team. She also continues to promote and present on Beyond the Grant: A Sustainable Financing Workbook (published in 2018).

Career: Katherine previously worked on multiple sustainable financing and R&D projects for Rippel’s ReThink Health initiative, where she explored topics like social impact investing, resident engagement, and the potential of tax credits as a source of sustainable financing for population health. Notably, she co-authored Beyond the Grant: A Sustainable Financing Workbook. Katherine led the design of the workbook’s Financing Wizard that lets users create and practice the art of financial planning for their collaborative population health work. Before joining Rippel, Katherine coordinated and provided research and evaluation support for interventions focused on healthy eating, SNAP-ED, and women’s heart health with Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, and Michigan State University Extension.

More about Katherine: Katherine was ranked second in the Indiana SkillsUSA Commercial Baking competition, which helped inspire her career path to health and nutrition work.

Education: Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University (MS), Michigan State University (BS)


David Gibbs, Senior Associate with Community Initiatives and Principal of Social Capital Consulting, LLC

“The opportunity to integrate equity principles and concepts with the ReThink Health Dynamics Model is simply tremendous.”—David Gibbs, Senior Associate with Community Initiatives and Principal of Social Capital Consulting, LLC

Joined Rippel: 2019

Current Roles: David is building up Rippel’s knowledge base of the historical and contemporary drivers of inequities in health and well-being, as well as coaching Rippel’s teams in applying equity principles and concepts to strategy formulation and implementation, and in measuring equity in their initiatives. He is also assisting Rippel in an internal, organization-wide equity assessment and capacity-building effort.

Career: David has worked with children, youth, families, and community in a variety of professional, volunteer, and civic roles for nearly 30 years. As a director, program manager, and leader of strategic initiatives, David has supported hundreds of local, regional, and national efforts to promote well-being, advance equity, and improve the quality of life for individuals and communities. His years of experience in the community and nonprofit sector has enabled him to develop, hone, and refine skills in capacity-building for organizations and strategic initiatives; adult learning, training, and facilitation; and leadership coaching, co-design, and implementation support for comprehensive, collaborative community transformation efforts. David has served as a youth and family director for the YMCA, operations manager for the Youth Leadership Academy (for African-American boys), and a program officer, senior program officer, and director of community partnerships for two of the top 25 community foundations in the US (in Milwaukee, WI and Atlanta, GA). He served two terms on the Board of Voices for Georgia’s Children—including one term as Policy Committee chair.

More about David: David lives in metro Atlanta with his son and their dog, where they frequently enjoy the many natural settings and emerging food culture of the region.

Education: University of Delaware (BA), Eisenhower Foundation on Accountability and Performance Measurement (certification)

Tami Gouveia, MSW, MPH – Senior Project Consultant

“Working with Rippel has been an opportunity to challenge business-as-usual and to create equitable opportunities for everyone to reach their potential for health and well-being.”—Tami Gouveia, Senior Project Consultant

Joined Rippel: 2016

Current Roles: Tami manages the ReThink Health initiative’s contributions to Well Being Legacies (a Well Being Trust project to connect and learn from leaders who are creatively reshaping well-being in their regions), and contributes as a thought partner to other ReThink Health projects.

Career: Tami led Rippel’s efforts to integrate equity, diversity, and inclusion into its organizational culture and its work with partners. She contributed to Rippel’s ReThink Health Ventures project and Rippel’s work with the California Accountable Communities for Health Initiative (CACHI). Before joining Rippel, she launched several nonprofit initiatives in substance abuse prevention and youth development. Tami was executive director of Tobacco Free Mass and the Massachusetts Prevention and Wellness Fund.

More about Tami: In 2018, Tami was elected State Representative of the 14th Middlesex District of Massachusetts.

Education: Boston University (doctoral candidate, MSW, MPH), Mt. Holyoke College (BA)

Kate Hilton, JD, MTS – Senior Engagement Consultant

“Activating people’s agency involves unleashing their courage and power. I’m proud to do that work at Rippel.”—Kate Hilton, Senior Engagement Consultant

Joined Rippel: 2009

Current Role: Kate is part of the ReThink Health initiative’s team that advises the Center for Medicare and Medicaid’s Quality Improvement Organization Leadership, Organizing in Action program. As senior engagement consultant, her role involves teaching leadership and organizing skills to quality improvement leaders.

Career: Kate previously led Rippel’s place-based Healthy Columbia project to demonstrate the contributions community organizing can make toward health system transformation. In addition, she leads online training programs and coaches leaders on change management with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. She is also lead faculty in the Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity at George Washington University.

More about Kate: Kate loves to celebrate and is the first person to get a dance party started.

Education: University of Wisconsin (JD), Harvard Divinity School (MTS), Dartmouth College (AB) 

Jack Homer, PhD – Senior Modeling Consultant

“From the start, Rippel has supported my efforts to do rigorous, evidence-based analysis that will make a positive, lasting impact in the real world—and provided the rare opportunity to work with decision makers across the country on new ways to improve people’s lives.”—Jack Homer, Senior Modeling Consultant

Joined Rippel: 2009

Current Roles: Jack is the lead modeler in charge of continuing development and related research and publication for Rippel’s ReThink Health Dynamics Model and Well-Being Portfolio Model.

Career: Jack is a world-recognized expert in system dynamics policy modeling, having developed original models for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the Veterans Health Administration, and many other organizations. He has run Homer Consulting since 1990, and is also a former faculty member at the University of Southern California. He has been published widely in peer-reviewed journals from the 1980s to the present, and is author of the books, Models That Matter: Selected Writings on System Dynamics 1985–2010, and More Models That Matter: System Dynamics Writings 2011-2017.

More about Jack: Jack has received awards from the International System Dynamics Society, the Applied Systems Thinking Institute, and AcademyHealth. Since childhood, Jack has enjoyed playing clarinet (in small and large ensembles) and tennis, and also writing poetry when the spirit strikes. He lives in New York’s Hudson Valley with his wife Emily and their dog Dylan, and has three adult children.

Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (PhD), Stanford University (MS, BS)

Rebecca Niles, MBA – Senior Strategy Consultant

“Using computer simulations based on systems thinking, we can see the bigger picture and think more strategically about how to make a real difference in health and well-being.”— Rebecca Niles, Senior Strategy Consultant

Joined Rippel: 2013

Current Roles: Rebecca develops and facilitates interactive workshops—also called strategy labs—to help leaders use the ReThink Health Dynamics Model, system maps, and other simulation models to identify effective system change strategies and build consensus toward their implementation.

Career: Rebecca specializes in applying systems thinking and strategy for Rippel’s ReThink Health initiative and other clients including Climate Interactive and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation. Recently, Rebecca was a key contributor to the team that expanded the ReThink Health Dynamics Model to incorporate the likely effect of proposed economic expansion in Michigan—demonstrating that efforts to attract in-migration while increasing jobs for existing citizens can be a powerful part of a regional portfolio to improve population health. Rebecca began her career as a strategy consultant for Monitor Company and worked as vice president of acquisitions in affordable housing for Boston Financial. She has systems thinking and strategy experience in diverse content areas, including affordable housing, recycling, water resources, health, and manufacturing, and for clients including Vistaprint, AT&T, Ford, Amoco, Shell, USDA, and the US Forestry Service.

More about Rebecca: Rebecca loves to travel the world, recently visiting Mexico, Morocco, Brazil, Uganda, and Iceland to spend times with whale sharks, camels, street art, gorillas, and waterfalls. When stuck at home she enjoys gardening, swimming, and renovating her house.

Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (BS), MIT Sloan School of Management (MBA)

Ruth Wageman, PhD – Senior Scholar & Advisor

“Rippel is at the forefront of both thinking and practice when it comes to building shared leadership, particularly across sectors.”—Ruth Wageman, Senior Scholar and Advisor

Joined Rippel: 2010

Current Roles: Ruth Wageman is one of the foremost scholars and practitioners studying and working with teams, especially leadership teams. She lends her expertise to various Rippel projects, currently focusing on the ReThink Health initiative’s Regional Portfolio Design project.

Career: Ruth worked with many of Rippel’s place-based partners through Rippel’s ReThink Health’s Ventures project and other projects toward building the collaborative stewardship necessary for health system transformation. In this capacity, Ruth has helped launch several multisector partnerships, preparing them to lead transformation of their regional health systems. The core of Ruth’s research, teaching, and consulting for the last 30 years has been focused on the conditions that influence superb team performance. She has been a professor at Columbia, Dartmouth, and Harvard, where she led many original research programs about the design and leadership of teams. She is widely published in both academic literature (particularly around organizational behavior) and in the business press.

More about Ruth: From a young age, Ruth’s love of science fiction—particularly Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future, in which some of the toughest problems of our time are solved by peaceful cooperation across humankind—inspired her to believe a brighter future is possible.

Education: Harvard University (PhD, MA), Columbia University (BA)

Rippel Foundation Administration Team

  • Kimberly Hines Hart, JD – Corporate Counsel
  • Jane Novak – Finance Associate
  • Ed Rosen, MBA – IT Consultant