External Links to Additional Resources

Catalyst organizations offering stewardship-related tools

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps

  • Self-assessment tool focused on the critical skills necessary to create health and enhance community capacity.

Community Toolbox

  •  Toolkit on building leadership
  •  Toolkit on creating and maintaining partnerships
  •  Toolkit on improving organizational management and development

The Civic Engagement in Action series of the American Democracy project

  • Seminar on working collaboratively across differences, like partisan ideology, faith traditions, income, geography, and ethnicity to address common challenges, solve problems, and create common ground.

The Intersector Project

  • Toolkit to help diagnose, design, implement, and assess successful intersector collaborations.

Society of Organizational Learning

Catalyst organizations and multi-sector collaborations to transform regional health

Georgia Health Policy Center

  • Tool that aids in strategic alignment of health policy agendas & investments across institutional & regional/national boundaries.
  • System mapping & models that allow users to see how everything is connected, the feedback loops, and where the boundaries are located.
  • Playbook outlining the priorities included in the Atlanta Transformation scenario.

 Institute for Healthcare Improvement

  • Video on creating change that results in improvement; includes the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA)
  • Program for managers on improving organizational capacity and achieving strategic goals.

 Kaiser Permanente

  • Toolkit for boosting the impact of community health strategies.

 Kresge Foundation

  • Leadership development program designed to help public health officers and their agencies thrive amid health reform.
  • BUILD health challenge encourages communities to build partnerships to improve the overall health of local residents.

 Moving Health Care Upstream

  • National initiative to accelerate innovations that improve health at the community level.

 Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement

  • Improving health and health care in U.S. communities through a network of member Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives.

 Stakeholder Health