I serve on the Pullman national board of advisors and I leave our meetings feeling like I’m the one that has gotten good advice!  The Pullman Regional Hospital in Eastern Washington is a great example of innovating for the future and planning for the long term. I got involved because of their interest in more upstream investment in health, potentially via a community wide health plan. That’s still in the planning stages. For now, they have established an endowment so they can keep their doors open if they lose critical access funding.  At the same time, pockets of innovation abound – improving health, care and costs.  My favorite is the physical therapist who may revolutionize treatment and prevention of the sprained ankle. The target market for his new business are ERs, but everyone who has seen his brace (which substitutes for an air cast and is easily wearable during daily activities to prevent reinjury) wants one immediately!  Second place easily goes to the telespeech therapy program (above).  Pullman’s investment in this service has benefited its own community and many around the world. The approach is uniquely successful in aiding language acquisition for autistic children and the virtual method which is essential to provide access in a rural area has proven remarkably effective.  It’s also a labor of love – founded by parents of autistic twins. I’ve found CEO Scott Adams to be an inspiring leader for the last 20 years – he understands how to create conditions where aspiration and innovation flourish.

Sherry Immediato is a director at ReThink Health.

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