Bobby Milstein

Director, System Strategy

What would you do with $12 billion?  That’s how much taxpayers paid from 2000-2010 to finance new sports facilities (source).

Was it a good investment that ought to continue?  Most analysts, including the Los Angeles Times, contend that, “For many cities, spending taxpayer money to build new stadiums no longer — if ever — makes sense.

It could actually be a colossal misuse of public money.  For example, see this blistering 20-minute critique that aired on HBO’s Last Week Tonight.

But it isn’t just satirists and comedians who point out the folly of these ventures.  Others who conclude that there are better ways to invest public money include

So the question remains, what would you do with about $12B over the next decade?  And are you prepared to persuade others that more could be done with this money?

For those who feel moved to resist the questionable tactics that team owners often use to push for public funds, there several policy proposals outlined in Slate: How to Stop the Stadium Wars. March 17, 2015.

Bobby Milstein is a director at ReThink Health. 

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