Strategy Portfolio Exercise

The Strategy Portfolio Exercise builds on the ReThink Health Dynamics Model to give regions a more flexible tool that extends beyond the typical health care arena and explores a more comprehensive set of sectors that influence the health ecosystem. It includes 17 different “strategy portfolio options” representing various investments, policies, and initiatives that address both “urgent needs” and “vital conditions.” Urgent needs, such as homeless shelters and income support, address an immediate shortfall in vital conditions that are necessary to well-being, such as stable housing, jobs, and wealth.

A region’s strategy portfolio represents all of the areas it might focus on as it pursues health transformation. In creating their region’s “pie,” leaders develop a physical picture of all the vital conditions and urgent services present in their community today and explore how these should shift in the future to deliver better results. This picture paints the broad strokes of the region’s theory of change for regional transformation—both as it is currently playing out now and as it might be improved for better health outcomes.

  • Instructions provide a recommended agenda for exploring the portfolio exercise with your partnership and stakeholders
  • Well-Being Map and Portfolio Definitions offers an introduction to the dynamics of the health ecosystem, including an overview and definition of a well-being portfolio
  • Strategy Portfolio Pie Chart can be used, with the instructions, to work through your partnership’s portfolio priorities
  • Sample slides provide key context for the exercise, including the many conditions that influence health and well-being in your community