Pushing Frontiers Toward Better Health

Our work with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation tackles the tough question of what it will take for regions to improve health and deliver high-value care at the scale, duration, and intensity needed for long-term, equitable impact. This work approaches health system redesign as a grand challenge, requiring innovation—and integration—across health and health care. Drawing on ReThink Health’s history and experience, as well as on-going learning with partners in diverse sectors, this project will explore a set of hypotheses to focus future regional reform endeavors, refine practical tools and approaches, and launch a learning network to help leaders share what does or does not work with each other and what they’ve gleaned along their respective journeys. The research team hopes to engage with collaborators across the field to test these approaches and harness the potential of innovations along these frontiers. This project, led by the Rippel Foundation as part of its ReThink Health Initiative, is being supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

In this interview, Rippel Foundation President and CEO, Laura Landy, and ReThink Health Director, Bobby Milstein, co-Principal Investigators for the Frontiers project, discuss the project’s context and overall goals.

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Landy L, Milstein B. Pushing Frontiers Toward Better Health.  ReThink Health Updates from the Field Blog.  February 24, 2014.  Available from: https://www.rethinkhealth.org/the-rethinkers-blog/pushing-frontiers-toward-better-health/