Leadership in Volunteer Multistakeholder Groups Tackling Complex Problems

Hilton, Kate and Wageman, Ruth. (2015). Leadership in volunteer multistakeholder groups tackling complex problems. Emerald Monographs in Leadership and Management Series: Leadership Lessons from Compelling Contexts. S. Braun, C. Peus, and B. Schyns, Editors. London: Emerald Group. This chapter explores distributed leadership in volunteer multi-stakeholder groups tackling complex problems, focusing on community organizing practices to transform health and health care in Columbia, South Carolina. It brings to life many of the special challenges common to multi-stakeholder groups, including indistinct articulation of shared purposes, limited engagement and motivation, conflicting interests, lack of trust, limited authority, and decision-making dominated by institutional elites. It shows how the learning of organizing practices cross stakeholders—including public narrative, collective decision-making, and building team structure—can serve as shared leadership practice to systematically overcome those challenges.


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