Altarum Institute Research Report 2009

The three papers in the 2009 report cover the topics Altarum considers must be addressed in order to achieve truly systemic reform and fiscal sustainability of the health care system, including innovative care delivery, a culture that emphasizes health and wellness, and health equity.
Table of Contents
Innovation, Health, and Equity: Taking a Systems Approach to Health and Economic Vitality
Strategic Innovation for Affordable, Sustainable Health Care: A Model for Health System Reform

Holly Korda, MA, PhD and Michael D. Parkinson, MD, MPH

Health Care Reform is Not Enough

Stanley Chin, MA and David A. Kindig, MD, PhD

Toward Health Equity – The Costs of U.S. Health Disparities

Jamie Hart, PhD and David R. Williams, PhD.

 Altarum Institute. Research Report 2009.  Ann Arbor, MI.  December 1, 2009.  Available from: