The President Wants You to Get Rich on Obamacare

New York Times writer Adam Davidson profiles the thinking of Tom Scully, former Director of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, who contends that “no matter what investors thought about Obamacare politically — and surely many there did not think much of it — the law was going to make some people very rich. […]

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The paradox of disease prevention: celebrated in principle, resisted in practice

In this article, Fineberg identifies the challenges of health prevention praxis and offers strategies that can help overcome these obstacles. View the Resource Fineberg HV. The paradox of disease prevention: celebrated in principle, resisted in practice. Journal of the American Medical Association. 2013;310(1):85-90.  Available at  

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The Opportunities and Challenges of a Lifelong Health System

In this commentary, Neal Halfon and Patrick Conway, argue that the main challenge to creating a lifelong health system lies in moving from a fee-for-service model to paying for value and better outcomes over the long term. They examine two approaches used in other markets to manage risks and returns over long time frames that […]

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The New Era of Payment Reform, Spending Targets, and Cost Containment in Massachusetts

In this resource, the authors review the implications of a cost control bill passed by the MA legislature.   View the Resource Mechanic RE, Altman SH, McDonough JE. The New Era Of Payment Reform, Spending Targets, And Cost Containment In Massachusetts: Early Lessons For The Nation. Health Affairs. 2012 September 19, 2012.  Available from:

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The Emergence of Civic Tech: Investments in a Growing Field

The first report of its kind, “The Emergence of Civic Tech: Investments in a Growing Field,” provides an in-depth analysis of the current state of private capital and foundation investments in civic technology. It aims to help organizations and investors better understand civic tech funding, so that they can strengthen their work and help shape […]

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The Design And Application Of Shared Savings Programs: Lessons From Early Adopters

In this resource the authors examine the design and application of shared savings formulas across a range of programs. They also present a more detailed description of the Massachusetts Patient-Centered Medical Home Initiative, focusing on key trade-offs between payers and providers that eventually led to agreement on specific aspects of the program. View the Resource. […]

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The Criminal Justice Planner’s Toolkit for Justice Reinvestment at the Local Level

Justice reinvestment is a promising model for reducing corrections costs using a data-driven and collaborative approach. This toolkit provides criminal justice planners with the technical information to identify local corrections cost drivers and design strategies addressing those drivers. More resources can be found at View the Resource Lachman P, Neusteter SR, Davies E, La […]

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The Cost Conundrum

In this article, Gawande provides details of his quest to find out why McAllen, Texas, which has the lowest household income in the country, is one of the most expensive health care markets. View the article. Gawande, A. (2009). The Cost Conundrum. The New Yorker. Available from

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The Civic Mission of a Federal Agency in the Age of Networked Governance

This article examines how EPA has increasingly become a more effective enabler of democratic network governance in the watershed arena and has developed ambitious cross-media initiatives to help transform the culture of the agency. Its very progress, however, highlights significant challenges that the agency must address. View the Resource Sirianni C. The civic mission of […]

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The Business Role in Improving Health: Beyond Social Responsibility

In this resource, the authors explore the role of employers in improving population health. The authors lay out the rationale for increasing business involvement in population health improvement and provides seven specific steps that businesses can take to become more active in fostering community health improvement. View the Resource. Kindig DA, Isham GJ, Siemering KQ. […]

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