Stewardship of Health Systems: Review of the Literature

In this article N. Boffin provides a literature review on the capacity building strategies of the stewardship function in health systems. View the Resource. Boffin N. Stewardship of health systems: Review of the literature.  October 2002.  Available from:

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Social Economy Policy Forecast 2013

The social economy consists of the broad array of mechanisms or tools for the deployment of private resources for the public good. We identify policy issues related to the structure and operations of the social economy, with a particular eye to the issues facing charitable nonprofits and philanthropic foundations. View the report. Bernholz L, Reich […]

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Return on Investment and Community Health Improvement: An Examination of the Role of Hospitals

The paper describes the concept of return on investment and its traditional application. It is also introduced to the hospital context with particular attention to its influence on investments in community health improvement. The paper then examines the complexities of applying return on investment (ROI) analysis in health care and the broader population health arena, provides […]

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Reinventing Citizenship as Public Work

Recently, calls for citizenship education have increased in response to widespread lack of civic and political knowledge and the degradation of public culture. Approaches to educating citizens come chiefly in two forms: improving civics education and increasing service and volunteerism. In this study for the Kettering Foundation, Harry Boyte examines how these two approaches fail […]

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Reinventing American Health Care

Ezekiel Emanuel, a special adviser to the Obama administration in medical reform, discusses how the Affordable Care Act was a significant step in ensuring that all Americans have access to health coverage, though challenges with its implementation remain. He’s just published a new book called Reinventing American Healthcare: How the Affordable Care Act Will Improve Our […]

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Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives: Essential Elements for Successful Healthcare Reform

Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives: Essential Elements for Successful Healthcare Reform describes the key roles that various stakeholders such as non-profits and multi-stakeholder Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives are playing in improving the way Americans experience health and healthcare.   View the guide. NRHI. (2014). Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives: Essential Elements for Successful Healthcare Reform. Web.

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Realizing and Allocating Savings from Improving Health Care Quality and Efficiency

Daniel Fox, the president emeritus of the Milbank Memorial Fund, provides an important commentary on the need for the savings generated by health care improvements to be reallocated to address other determinants of health beyond the quality of health care delivery. View the article. Fox DM. Realizing and allocating savings from improving health care quality […]

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Paying for Population Health: A View of the Opportunity and Challenges in Health Care Reform

This article highlights how new payment models are being tested at scale by both private and public payers, and payers are learning to align their financial models with each other in order to accelerate the transformation of the volume driven system to one based on value. This creates the possibility of a new funding stream […]

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Patients’ Costs Skyrocket; Specialists’ Incomes Soar

Patient costs have risen as doctors have become more entrepreneurial, protecting their turf through lobbying by medical societies and increasing revenues by offering new procedures — or more of lucrative ones. View the Resource Rosenthal, E. (2014). Patients’ Costs Skyrocket; Specialists’ Incomes Soar. Available from

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Overcoming the Improvement Paradox

  This resource describes the dynamics and offer some guidance for managers seeking to design sustainable process improvement programs. View the paper. Keating E, Oliva R, Repenning N, Rockart S, Sterman J. Overcoming the Improvement Paradox. European Management Journal. 1999 1999;17(2):15. Available from:  

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