Establishing a Shared Vision

This tool is a (modifiable) agenda for large group convenings (50 or more) that guides leaders of an effort to systematically invite, convene, and engage residents in contributing to a long-term vision for the effort. Use the Tool

Type: Tools

Understanding Accidental Adversaries

This tool invites users to map key stakeholders and their interests, identify those likely to suffer as a consequence of intended initiatives, and anticipate resistance to a change effort. It invites users to consider an array of approaches to addressing potential resistance and to develop strategies for securing provisional commitment from key stakeholders to engage […]

Type: Tools

Assessing Your Ecology of Innovation

Draft in process This tool invites users to assess conditions in their region that promote (or inhibit): (1) experimentation with new approaches to health and care improvement; (2) involvement of new players, including outsiders, in redesigns and novel approaches, and (3) the adoption of effective approaches developed elsewhere. Users can reflect on the leadership, economic, […]

Type: Tools

Emergent Learning: Before and After Action Reviews

This tool introduces the concept of emergent learning, or learning that emerges from the work itself to surface, capture, and employ those insights to inform future work.

Type: Tools

Strategy Portfolio Exercise

An exercise that provides a picture of regional policies and initiatives addressing both “urgent needs” and “vital conditions” – allowing leaders to explore how these could shift to deliver better results.

Type: Tools

Category: Dynamic Modeling, Regional Initiatives, Strategy

Influencing Financial Flows Worksheet

A financing exercise for partnerships that unpacks the conditions which enable the redirecting of money to support regional health transformation.

Type: Tools

Category: Financing & Investment

Public Narrative Toolkit

Designed for leaders and stakeholders working to transform regional health systems, this toolkit includes short videos, worksheets, and coaching tips to harness the power of storytelling to motivate action.

Type: Tools

Category: Regional Initiatives, Stewardship

How to Talk About Budgets and Taxes

Author: FrameWorks Institute How to Talk About Budgets and Taxes is a toolkit compendium of research on how Americans think about budgets and taxes, and how to increase public support for policies that support reforms to the budgeting process and tax system. As explained in in the budgets and taxes values research report, Ounce of Prevention1: […]

Type: Publications, Tools

Category: Financing & Investment, Non-health Sectors

Hygeia’s Constellation: Navigating Health Futures in a Dynamic and Democratic World

Effective public health work is rooted in traditions of concerned, humane, directed science. However, the field has changed significantly since its formalization in the mid-19th century, and even today, innovators are reshaping its underlying orientations. This study examines the origins and implications of one such innovation, the recent introduction of the term syndemic, along with […]

Type: Publications

Category: Dynamic Modeling, Strategy

Health Affairs Commentary: A Balanced Investment Portfolio for Health is Within Reach

In a Health Affairs Commentary, David Kindig and Bobby Milstein explain that health care spending in the U.S. is highly inefficient and has not resulted in equitable health and well-being, in large part because the overall health investment portfolio is out of balance.

Type: Publications

Category: Dynamic Modeling, Strategy