Scaling the ReThink Health Dynamics Model

ReThink Health was one of three finalists in the 2014 Social Impact Exchange Business Plan Competition. Watch the video of Bobby Milstein's presentation to grantmakers and nonprofit leaders in which he shows how the ReThink Health Dynamics Model helps community leaders and educators make smarter investments in health, health care, and community vitality.

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Symposium on Sustainable U.S. Health Spending: The Quest for Value

The proceedings of the 4th annual meeting of the Altarum Institute’s Center for Sustainable Health Spending during July 2014, document the broad-ranging discussion to explore how population health efforts pursue value and quality in health care spending.

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Pathway Self-Diagnostic Tool

The Pathway Self-Diagnostic Tool helps leaders address the questions: Where do I believe our region is on the Pathway? What pitfalls have we (successfully) navigated so far? What pitfalls do we anticipate? What momentum builders are well established, and where might we focus our work next? Create your own user feedback survey Now that you […]

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Summary of the ReThink Health Dynamics Model

The primary purpose of the ReThink Health Dynamic model is to support multi-stakeholder planning and strategy design, not to forecast specific outcomes. Planners may use this tool to examine uncertainties and explore opportunities for change—as well as the stakes of inaction. Read a summary of the model.

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Building a Learning Practice: Before and After Action Review Tools

This Learning Practice tool offers insight and approaches into the valuable process of emergent learning—deep, real-time learning about work as work is ongoing.  The tool is designed to enable groups to continually learn from their experiences, as their experiences unfold.  It provides a simple structure for surfacing, capturing, and employing insights to support better decisions, […]

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Category: Stewardship, Sticking Points, Strategy

Leading Change Reflection Tool

The Leading Change Reflection Tool enables leaders using the Stewardship Field Guide to address: Where do I see my own role (leader, facilitator of other leaders, champion, participant) in the change effort of our system? What are my personal aspirations for impact? Who do I want as my learning partner(s) as I explore this material? […]

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Story of Now

This tool helps leaders develop a compelling story that explains why broad change is needed now. Using imaging, creative writing, and other generative techniques, the Story of Now tool results in a vividly painted picture of the Nightmare (what will happen if we don’t work together toward change) and the Dream (what is genuinely possible […]

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(Re)Launching a Great Stewardship Team & Job Description for Stewards

The Stewardship Team (Re)Launch tool is intended to support the effective launch of a leadership team. It also can be adapted to re-launch a team that is not working effectively. Its principles can be applied to a coalition launch and ongoing team meeting agendas. Included in this tool is a job description (modifiable by users and […]

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Stewardship Team Diagnostic Checklist

This tool can help stewards build effective leadership teams. It will help you to think through what features of your stewardship team most need some work to help improve the effectiveness of the team for guiding this phase of system change. Use the Tool

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Mapping the Scope of Your Effort

Who is involved in your effort so far? This tool helps leaders identify major stakeholders who care about the regional health system, are positioned to lead change and mobilize resources within it, and are and are not actively engaged in collaborative efforts to move the system. It invites users to strategize about ways of engaging a […]

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