Hygeia’s Constellation: Navigating Health Futures in a Dynamic and Democratic World

Effective public health work is rooted in traditions of concerned, humane, directed science. However, the field has changed significantly since its formalization in the mid-19th century, and even today, innovators are reshaping its underlying orientations. This study examines the origins and implications of one such innovation, the recent introduction of the term syndemic, along with […]

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Topic: Dynamic Modeling, Strategy

Health Affairs Commentary: A Balanced Investment Portfolio for Health is Within Reach

In a Health Affairs Commentary, David Kindig and Bobby Milstein explain that health care spending in the U.S. is highly inefficient and has not resulted in equitable health and well-being, in large part because the overall health investment portfolio is out of balance.

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Strategy Portfolio Exercise

The Strategy Portfolio Exercise builds on the ReThink Health Dynamics Model to give regions a more flexible tool that extends beyond the typical health care arena and explores a more comprehensive set of sectors that influence the health ecosystem. It includes 17 different “strategy portfolio options” representing various investments, policies, and initiatives that address both […]

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Resident Engagement Practices Typology

ReThink Health interviewed a diverse group of more than 50 stakeholders to hear first-hand their goals, methodologies, challenges, and successes when engaging residents. These stakeholders included representatives from hospital systems, philanthropy, community-based organizations, public health departments, insurers, and resident leaders themselves. Not surprisingly, we found that there is no single best way to involve residents […]

This report from the Commonwealth Center for Governance Studies reviews examples of collaboration between hospitals and public health agencies. As more hospitals move from volume-based payments to value-based payment, there is an increasing interest in how institutional population health efforts can improve health outcomes, care coordination, and prevention, when they collaborate with public health agencies. […]

In Health Affairs: Many Multisector Partnerships Not Yet Mature

Health Affairs has published the results of our months-long research endeavor to further understand and define the national landscape of multisector partnerships for health. The article, “Multisector Partnerships Need Further Development to Fulfill Aspirations for Transforming Health and Well-Being,” was authored by the ReThink Health Ventures team and appears in the journal’s January 2018 special issue on the […]

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Exploring the Potential of Tax Credits for Funding Population Health

  Stacy Becker and ReThink Health’s sustainable financing team explore the questions: Could tax credits provide a source of sustainable financing for population health? If so, under what conditions? READ THE PAPER

Public Narrative Toolkit

This toolkit includes short videos, worksheets, workshop agendas, and coaching tips to support those who are interested in harnessing the power of storytelling to motivate others to join them in action. The toolkit will guide them through the development of a Public Narrative that brings together three different types of stories: a Story of Self, a Story of Us, and a Story of Now.

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Tool: Considering Costs & Benefits

This tool helps multi-sector partnerships understand how their work impacts the business models of other organizations.

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Topic: Financing & Investment, Stewardship, Strategy