ReThink Health Ventures

Frequently Asked Questions


What is ReThink Health Ventures?

ReThink Health Ventures is designed to equip innovative multi-sector partnerships with the knowledge and means to accelerate regional transformation. Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson and Rippel Foundations, Ventures will provide a supportive structure and the collaborative space needed for partnerships, working together with peers and leading systems change experts, to break through conventional thinking and action.

Over two years, Ventures will collaborate with a cohort of six participants to explore what it takes to steer a complex health ecosystem in a new direction and see demonstrable results. Through a unique, tailored curriculum and collaboration with peers and experts, partnerships and their coaches will focus on the fundamentals of sound system strategy, broad-based stewardship, and sustainable financing—the central tenets of ReThink Health’s approach to transformation. Having developed additional capacity and new skill sets, regions will be positioned to generate significantly greater health value—demonstrated by the improved health of populations, better care, lower costs, greater equity, and increased economic productivity. As a pilot project, Ventures will explore how an Inclusive Health Value Practice can help partnerships generate greater health value in a region. By the end of the project, Ventures partnerships will embrace new assets, new allies, and new appreciation of the data and dynamics it takes to do business differently, together.

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What are the benefits of participating?

Members of the Ventures cohort will have the opportunity to work closely with their elite peers across the country over two years, supported by the ReThink Health team, coaches, and a cadre of veteran practitioners and methodologists. Participants will benefit from a suite of tools that make it easier to synthesize evidence and explore scenarios to reveal the plausible paths they might pursue. They will understand more about composing and sustaining the right team needed to advance long-term change. And they will cultivate a richer understanding of where resources can be leveraged to move the system in profoundly new directions. Through the Ventures project and by deepening their Inclusive Health Value Practice, participants will create a series of living products, including:

  • A compelling value proposition for health and economic development in a region
  • A transformation strategy
  • A financing platform
  • A charter for partnership governance

Through the Inclusive Health Value Practice, partnerships also will develop adaptive leadership ability, gather evidence about feasibility and potential through rapid prototyping, and hone the fiscal fluency and investment potential of their overall agenda. A clear set of criteria and a distinguished Advisory Group will help participants assess the extent to which both practices and products are sound.

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What do you mean by Inclusive Health Value?

Ventures views inclusivity broadly. An Inclusive Health Value Practice is one that thinks expansively in terms of who has a say, what drives priorities, how that agenda is funded, and which aspects of local culture and structure figure into the judgment about a viable design.

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How is the Ventures project being designed?

At ReThink Health, our approach is based on findings from research as well as experience from veteran changemakers across diverse fields. The Ventures project integrates ReThink Health’s core domains of broad-based stewardship, sound strategy, and sustainable financing to explore the state-of-the-art in regional health transformation. We are deeply committed to a process of co-design that combines the unique experiences and priorities of each partnership with ReThink Health’s approach to health transformation.

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How does Ventures relate to other site-based initiatives?

The Ventures project will be closely coordinated with complementary initiatives taking place across the country. The project is designed precisely for groups who are undertaking ambitious endeavors and will be conducted in a way that supports and reinforces the work of many other reform initiatives. For communities with an appetite to develop deeper practices for creating system change, the Ventures project is a rare opportunity to build on work currently underway with a rich peer network of advanced sites across the country.

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What are the key activities of Ventures?

During the project, leaders will meet regularly both virtually and in-person and will showcase their efforts in multiple spotlight events. Sites will benefit from tailored tools and resources, including the ReThink Health Systems Dynamics model; a wealth of curated, sharable content; practical assessments; and helpful templates. Over the course of the project, participants will work with a dedicated coach from ReThink Health with deep expertise and experience in supporting the efforts of multi-sector partnerships. Each team will work together to develop an Inclusive Health Value Plan, supported by insights and decisions about how their partnership can maintain momentum and overcome pitfalls in their quest for more inclusive health value. As they embark on this work, they will benefit from increased visibility and robust multi-media communications support from ReThink Health and external consultants.

In addition to a rich peer network, tailored coaching, input from well-known subject matter experts based on local needs, site visits, robust curated content, and a wealth of tools that can be used and shared, sites also will receive grants of $25,000 through their work with the Ventures project. These funds are intended to support the backbone and operational costs of the partnership. 

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