ReThink Health Ventures

How can multi-sector partnerships accelerate change and transform health?

Reimagining health

Around the country, leaders from across sectors are collaborating to reshape their regions, seeking greater health, prosperity, and equity for the people who live there. They want to go beyond modest collaboration to fundamentally reimagine and transform their entire regional health systems. But in forging new paths, they have few examples to emulate and face immense challenges.

A new project from ReThink Health

To explore what it takes to steer a complex health ecosystem in a new direction and see demonstrable results, we will collaborate with a cohort of six innovative multi-sector partnerships that want to break through conventional thinking and build a more interdependent and inclusive health economy.

Introducing ReThink Health Ventures

Ventures will equip well-established multi-sector partnerships with the knowledge and means to accelerate regional transformation and generate greater health value—demonstrated by the improved health of populations, better care, lower costs, greater equity, and increased economic productivity.


“It’s not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It’s because we dare not venture that they are difficult.”-Lucius Annaeus Seneca 



Learning together

Through a unique, tailored curriculum and collaboration with peers and experts, Ventures partnerships will synthesize evidence, explore plausible scenarios, and gain a greater understanding of how they can develop the team and resources needed for long-term change. Together with their coaches, they will focus on the central tenets of ReThink Health’s integrated approach to transformation:

By the end of the project, Ventures communities will embrace new assets, new allies, and new appreciation of the data and dynamics it takes to do business differently, together.

Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson and Rippel Foundations, Ventures will be closely coordinated with complementary initiatives taking place across the country.


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