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External Resource

Stewardship and Public Service: A Discussion Paper

This discussion paper prepared for the Public Service Commission of Canada presents stewardship as a bridge between purely market-based approaches and broader public sector responsibilities. While market-based reforms have shown many possible outcomes, they are not robust enough to embrace the full range of public sector activities, such as governance and guarding the public interest.

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The Concept of Stewardship in Health Policy

This World Health Organization Bulletin traces the history of stewardship and explores its potential as an avenue for public policy to effectively and efficiently improve health and well-being.

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The World Health Report 2000: Health Systems: Improving Performance

This report from the World Health Organization dives deep into resource allocation and performance quality in the health care system circa the year 2000. It’s notable for its emphasis on stewardship as a critical part of improving that system.

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Health Stewardship: The Responsible Path to a Healthier Nation

The Aspen Institute published this paper explaining the value of health stewardship and making a case for its importance for successfully navigating the challenges facing the system that produces health and well-being.

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What Help is a Steward? Stewardship, Political Theory, and Public Health Law and Ethics

As part of The Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly journal’s special issue on ‘super-stewardship’ and the related work of Roger Brownsword, this paper critically examines stewardship in public health.

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Achieving Accountability for Health and Health Care Minneapolis, MN

This article in Minnesota Medicine proposes Accountable Health Communities (AHCs) as a way to establish health system stewardship. They would to review local data against the Triple Aim, create shared goals and investments, and involve citizens in reform and stewardship.

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Stewardship: Choosing Service Over Self-Interest

In this book, Peter Block asserts that a fundamental shift in how we distribute power, privilege, and the control of money—away from self-interest and toward stewardship—can transform every part of an organization for the better, and he examines the nitty-gritty of implementing these reforms.

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An Introduction to Network Weaving

Building effective networks is one of the key tasks for a steward. This practical guide by June Holley teaches basic skills for doing just that.

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The Three Horizons: The Patterning of Hope

Bill Sharpe wrote this introduction to the Three Horizon’s framework, which can offer stewards a way to manage innovation and transformational change along the short, medium, and long term.

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Core Attributes of Stewardship; Foundation of Sound Health System

This International Journal of Health Policy and Management Perspective offers one way to look at stewardship, positing that it has five core attributes: responsible management, political will, a “normative dimension” (equity), balanced interventions, and components of good governance.

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Promoting Population Health Through Financial Stewardship

This Perspective in the New England Journal of Medicine argues that physicians have an ethical responsibility to act as stewards to promote their patients’ health and well-being.


2016 Pulse Check Survey Findings

These results shaped the development of ReThink Health’s Pathway and Essential Practices by illuminating the characteristics of regional multisector partnerships. The survey explored the following questions: What is the nature of the work stewards do in these partnerships? How does stewards’ multisector partnership work develop over time? How do they advance their work? What barriers to advancement do they face? How do stewards finance their multisector partnership work?

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Public Involvement and Health Research System Governance: a Qualitative Study

This article in Health Research Policy and Systems describes an exploratory, qualitative study of specific active stewardship efforts in two countries: England and Canada. It illustrates some of the benefits of stewardship while identifying three sets of common issues across both locations.

ReThinkers’ Blog

Regional Stewards: Nudging Systems Toward Health and Well-Being

Stewards can’t control outcomes in a complex adaptive system, but they can nudge them in the right direction. Using the ReThink Health Pathway, stewards can contribute to shifting mental models away from health care alone and toward the full range of factors that produce health and well-being.

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World Health Organization: Stewardship Resources

The World Health Organization has collected resources related to stewardship, with an emphasis on the health care sector.

ReThink Health’s Amplifying Stewardship Together project is an initiative of The Rippel Foundation, conducted with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of RWJF.